Powell Clinch Utility District (PCUD) employees enjoyed hosting Natural Gas Day at Briceville Elementary School last month. Activities included class time with PCUD’s own Energy Man learning about natural gas and why you should always call 811 before you dig. Then the children toured equipment and learned how to locate a gas line and detect natural gas.

Special guest, Mayor Terry Frank, said: “We can talk about careers, we can talk with our children about a future, but letting them see, touch and feel—letting them interact with real people who work to make our lives better, safer and warmer—is a lesson they won’t forget.”

PCUD President Rob Neil shared: “He was honored Mayor Frank and PCUD Board Member John Stair join us on such a special day.”  Neil also thanked Principal Travis Hutcheson and the staff of Briceville Elementary School for the warm welcome. PCUD plans to visit more schools in the future to educate and share growing careers in the natural gas industry.

PCUD is a natural gas company headquartered in Rocky Top, Tennessee serving 16,000 natural gas customers in Anderson and Campbell Counties.