About Powell-Clinch Utility District

Powell Clinch Utility District (PCUD) is a not-for-profit municipal utility serving portions of Anderson and Campbell counties. PCUD’s mission is To Provide Safe and Efficient Energy Service to Our Customers and since 1959 we have strived to accomplish this mission by providing superior customer service, professional safety-focused gas service and competitive gas rates. PCUD is headquartered in Rocky Top where its administrative office and operations facility are located.  A branch office is located in LaFollette. PCUD offers natural gas along with sales, service and installation of gas appliances.  Presently PCUD serves approximately 17,000 customers, has 67 employees and its distribution system covers approximately 800 miles of gas main line.


Our customers recognize the need to access reliable energy and having a local municipal natural gas utility is the best way to do that. There are many other benefits of having a municipal utility, for example:

  1. Municipal utilities are directly accountable to the citizens they serve, and decisions regarding your energy needs are made locally instead of being made outside of the community.
  2. Municipal utilities are locally controlled operations, which ensures that rates remain competitive and affordable.
  3. As a municipal utility, PCUD’s pipeline operation is regulated by the Tennessee Public Utility Commission.
  4. Lastly, a municipal utility can play a valuable role in helping broaden our tax base and helps local dollars stay at home. We also work with local financial institutions and make purchases from local businesses. This, in turn, improves the local economy and creates jobs.

PCUD is a multi-county utility district governed by a three-member Board of Commissioners. Current Board Members are:  

John Stair, Chairman – is a resident of Clinton representing Anderson County.

Greg Leach, Secretary – is a resident of Jacksboro representing Campbell County.

Dusty Irwin, Treasurer – is a resident of Clinton representing Anderson County.

Day-to-day activities of PCUD are directed by PCUD’s President and General Manager, Mr. Rob Neil.


PCUD’s Board of Commissioners meet on the last Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. at PCUD’s Rocky Top office located at 203 E. 1st Street.


PCUD and its employees are very community oriented.  As a locally operated utility district our customers are our neighbors.  We are and remain your hometown utility. PCUD actively supports the business community and several employees are active in both the Anderson and Campbell County Chambers of Commerce.  In addition, PCUD and its employees support several local community organizations including Relay for Life, American Cancer Society, United Way, Boys & Girls Club, and Aid to Distressed Families of Appalachian Counties.


PCUD has been the recipient of several state and national gas industry awards related to gas operations and safety.  Most recently PCUD received the American Public Gas Association System Operational Achievement Recognition (SOAR) award recognizing operational excellence.  Out of approximately 750 APGA members gas systems nationally, PCUD was one of only eleven gas systems nationally and the only gas system in East Tennessee to be selected for SOAR Gold Level by its peers on the APGA Operations and Safety Committee. The selection was based on demonstrated excellence in the four areas of system integrity, system improvement, employee safety, and workforce development.  PCUD has been a SOAR recipient since 2014 when the award was established. 

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