Natural Gas Incentives/Rebates


At PCUD, we‘re making comfort more affordable.


Switch your water heating to natural gas and receive a $250 rebate.

Switch your primary home heating to natural gas and receive a $400 rebate.*


This program is for natural gas residential customers only and is limited to one waiver/rebate for each qualifying installed appliance. This program does not apply to the installation of dual-fuel heat pumps, un-vented heaters, logs, or other gas appliances not specified above. Application for rebates for appliances not installed by PCUD must be submitted within 90 days after the equipment installation. If PCUD installs the appliance, we will deduct the applicable rebate(s) from your invoice. PCUD may revise or terminate this program at any time.

Rebates apply to residential customers who install or convert the above natural gas appliances resulting in additional load to PCUD. If using the rebate to offset the cost of the tap fee, the tap fee must be paid upfront, and the rebate will be issued once the appliance is installed and confirmed to be in use. 

*Primary home heating requires a central system and/or vented space of at least 50,000 Btu – dual fuel pumps do not qualify.