New Natural Service

Welcome to PCUD Natural Gas!

For a new natural gas service line, a $595 tap fee (which includes 150 feet of service line) is required along with a $50 activation fee. Additional footage beyond 150 feet will be billed at $4.00 per foot.

Residential deposit: A potential customer’s information will also be ran through Online Utility Exchange to determine if a deposit will be required.

Commercial deposit: A deposit amount of two times the highest monthly bill will be required.

Natural Gas Incentives.

To apply for service online or in the office, you will need the following information:
A government issued photo ID and one of the following: social security card, passport, or an original or certified copy of birth certificate.

Tenants need to provide a fully executed lease agreement.

Homeowners need to provide proof of ownership (example: bill of sale, deed or property tax document).

Natural Gas Application