Need help reading your PCUD bill? Below are some important terms to know:

  • Present Reading: The meter reading at the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Previous Reading: The meter reading in hundred cubic feet (CCF) at the end of the previous billing cycle.
  • Amount Used: Calculated by subtracting your previous reading from your present reading.
  • BTU Factor: The energy required to produce heat. British Thermal Units measure the amount of energy used to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. This factor is used to convert the unit of gas measured by the meter from hundred cubic feet (CCF) to therms.
  • Therms: Units of heat energy equal to 100,000 BTU and the unit we use to measure the natural gas consumed.
  • Minimum Bill Charge: The small fee of $8.00 (for residential accounts) and $10.00 (for commercial accounts) is added to your monthly bill to cover the cost of servicing and maintaining your account.
  • Actual Amount/Billed Amount: The amount charged during the current billing cycle.

Below is the equation (and example) to calculate the total cost of your monthly consumption:

Present Reading -Past Reading =Amount Used
5518 -5394 =124
Amount Used xBTU Factor* =Therms
124 x1.0640 =132
Therms xMonthly Billing Rate** =Usage Charge
132 x1.1735 =154.90
Usage Charge +Minimum Bill =Actual Amount/Amount Billed
154.90 +8.00 =162.90

*BTU Factor is located on your bill.
**To locate the correct monthly billing ratefind your due date on your bill and select the previous month. For example, if your bill is due in February, then select the January rate to calculate your bill. Find your monthly rate here: