Welcome to PCUD Propane!

Setup Fee

The setup fee is $200 for any tank size up to 1,000 gallon and includes up to 25’ of service line. The setup fee is only $100 for an existing service line usable by PCUD

For additional propane savings, view our incentives.

Propane Incentives

To apply for service online or in the office, you will need the following information:
A government issued photo ID and one of the following: social security card, passport, or an original or certified copy of birth certificate.

Tenants need to provide a fully executed lease agreement.
Homeowners need to provide proof of ownership (example: bill of sale, deed or property tax document).

Propane Application

Customer Owned and Underground Tanks

PCUD will provide service to a customer owned 250 gallon tank or larger if it meets all safety, state and federal regulations. To establish service, a $50 activation fee is required. Prepay service is required for all customer owned tanks, unless waived for existing customer with good payment history or a satisfactory consumer report from Online Utility Exchange.

PCUD offers underground tanks. Call Matt Paul, Propane Manager, at 865-426-2822 for more information.

Bulk Customer Requirements

Service is on a prepaid basis. However, credit may be extended to bulk customers with a PCUD tank based on previous satisfactory payment history with PCUD. Otherwise, a customer can voluntarily authorize PCUD to obtain a consumer credit risk report form Online Utility Exchange in order to pay net 10 days.